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Cosmetic pads for removing make-up from the face, neck and décolleté.
Bath sponge in the shower or in the bathtub.
Without Calgon, limescale, dirt and detergent deposits can build up on the drum and clog filters and pipes. This can be a source of bad odors, worsening the effects of washing, and even lead to the breakdown of the washing machine.
Instant protection against sweat. Thanks to Motionsense ™ technology, the antiperspirant will keep you fresh and protect against unpleasant odors for up to 48 hours.
Normalizujący żel do higieny intymnej. Wzmacnia prawidłową mikroflorę bakteryjną, pomaga utrzymać jej naturalną, fizjologiczną równowagę. Łagodzi podrażnienia, działa kojąco w przypadku świądu, pieczenia.
The oil is intended for the preparation of baths for children and babies from the first day of life.
Phytolysin nefrocaps FORTE dietary supplement is a unique composition of 7 concentrated herbal extracts, standardized for flavonoid content.
Cif Bathroom Ultra Fast spray quickly removes everyday dirt in the bathroom, leaving shiny surfaces. Spray, wipe, and you're done!
Cif milk with micro crystals makes no compromises. Its formula removes 100% household dirt.
Moisturizing anti-wrinkle day cream provides intense hydration necessary for smooth and soft skin.
A deeply moisturizing cream for daily foot care, especially for dry and rough skin. It is also perfect for diabetics.
Toilet Water with a unique fragrance. Composed of fruity and floral accords that radiate true joy of life and freshness.
Covering fluid for everyday makeup, regardless of age. It enables gradual building of coverage thanks to proper pigmentation.
The Rexona Linen Dry women's antiperspirant spray protects you from sweat while providing you with a light, floral fragrance.
A soft and slightly porous bath sponge, ergonomically rounded.
This toothpaste not only gently whitens your teeth, but also combats the causes of gingivitis. The paste formula has a soothing effect that keeps the gums healthy and protects them from hypersensitivity.
Garnier Intensive Care hand cream, used regularly, soothes and nourishes the damaged skin of the hands and restores its softness and elasticity.
Caring anti-wrinkle cream thanks to the content of precious oils and perfectly selected active ingredients extracts the natural beauty of the skin to look special and feel confident regardless of age.
Does your hair break and crumble? Are they rough, do not comb out badly, lack vitality and healthy appearance? Regenerate them with keratin products!
Specialized shampoo with olamine piroctonate and zinc. Recommended in the fight against permanent and chronic dandruff.
The Cocoa Butter Line is designed for skin that requires hydration and nutrition. The milk gently oils and regulates skin regeneration processes. Reduces the risk of irritation and strengthens the protective barrier.
Elimination of inflammation, redness, peeling and cracks in the epidermis.
Showingof 46 item(s)