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Anti-aging face serum with 15% vitamin C, green tea and goji berry extracts and vitamin E. Effectively nourishes and cares for the skin of the face, neck and cleavage.
Merz Spezial Dragees - a unique composition of 15 vitamins and minerals that perfectly regenerates hair, skin and nails. Merz Spezial Dragees is a dietary supplement that is based on the MTS pharmaceutical formula carefully developed in laboratories.
TOŁPA Enzymatic Hair Cleansing Shampoo concentrates the power of enzymes and lactic acid for deep cleansing of hair and scalp from impurities, sebum and styling agents. It has 97% ingredients of natural origin.
Dermocosmetics are ideal for active and sports men: it soothes irritations after shaving the body and prevents ingrown hairs.
Bielenda Royal Bee Elixir 60+ Actively regenerating cream - anti-wrinkle concentrate was created for the daily, rich care of mature skin
Give your skin a quick boost of hydration with Bandi Well Aging Cream. The cosmetic makes the skin quickly regain its glow and healthy appearance, and also reduces wrinkles and improves skin firmness and density.
The cream allows the skin to regenerate and effectively renew. Filtered snail mucus reduces the first signs of aging and evens out the skin tone.
Do you want to get rid of unsightly orange peel from your body? Ziaja anti-cellulite massage oil will support your fight for firm skin.
Fragrant shower gel saturated with the nectar of Italian figs. Formula based on ingredients of natural origin, gentle to the skin and the environment.
Coarse-grained body scrub - exfoliates the epidermis, as a result of which the skin is soft, elastic and properly lubricated.
Innowacyjna formuła Luksusowego kremu+ serum do rąk i paznokci Argan & Vanilla zwalcza siedem najważniejszych problemów skóry dłoni i paznokci. Błyskawicznie przynosi ulgę nawet najbardziej suchej skórze, a ciepły aromat wanilii zapewnia skórze chwile odp
Showingof 11 item(s)