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Oral hygiene, toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes, anti-caries, well-known brands: Elmex, Lacalut, Parodontax also special for children. Products for healthy gums, anti-inflammatory. Take care of a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Toothpaste with natural herbal extracts: mint, chamomile and eucalyptus. It strengthens the teeth and protects them against caries. It has a wonderful, refreshing herbal taste
Mintperfekt Activ is a reminalizing dental rinse fluid from the Ziaja brand. It thoroughly cleanses and provides a beautiful, snow-white smile
The paste contains a plant extract from the arak tree and natural abrasives that effectively remove discoloration and plaque. The herbal preparation does not contain fluoride
Tooth whitening paste - Himalaya, 'Shining white', is a breakthrough herbal formula based on the technology of plant enzymes from papaya and pineapple, delicately removing discoloration from the surface of the teeth
The paste ingredients create a protective layer on the surface of the teeth, which effectively protects against the attack of acids causing erosion.
Toothpaste with sage extract. Does not contain fluoride. Effectively cleans teeth and removes dental plaque. Prevents gingivitis.
Fruit tooth gel for children. Tiny shiny particles and the taste of forest fruit will make everyday brushing more attractive. The fruit gel thoroughly cleans teeth and protects against caries.
Fluoride toothpaste for children from 6 years of age for cleaning milk teeth and new permanent teeth. The taste of cookie vanilla ice cream
Pasta parodontax® Classic pomaga powstrzymać krwawienie dziąseł oraz zapewnia intensywne uczucie czystości zębów. Pasta nie zawiera fluorku sodu.
Whole Mouth Clean 360 toothbrush signed by Colgate. Soft fibers perfectly clean the teeth and the surface between them. They clean the tongue and remove bad breath.
First tooth paste. It contains a unique amine fluoride that provides triple protection. Developed to protect milk teeth against cavities.
Toothpaste for children without fluoride with xylitol recommended from the first tooth. Formula enriched with natural silica gently cleans teeth. Supports enamel remineralization and anti-caries activity
A case for a toothbrush for children. The colors and fairy-tale characters will certainly motivate the youngest to be independent and take care of hygiene.
This toothpaste not only gently whitens your teeth, but also combats the causes of gingivitis. The paste formula has a soothing effect that keeps the gums healthy and protects them from hypersensitivity.
<p>Pasta do zębów Elmex Junior zawiera wysokoaktywny aminofluorek, który utwardza szkliwo nowo wyrżniętych zębów stałych i uodparnia je na ataki kwasów.</p>
<p>Pasta do zębów Elmex Junior zapewnia skuteczną i długotrwałą ochronę przed próchnicą dla wyrzy
Toothbrush for children, without fluoride, flavored with cola. Gently brush your teeth. Intended from 2 years of age.
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Mouthwash without alcohol, with highly active ingredients with anti-caries properties and increasing the resistance of teeth to caries.
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