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Natural Cosmetics

Embrace the power of simplicity with our natural cosmetics collection. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to nurturing your skin and hair!

Our natural cosmetics are a testament to the beauty of simplicity. They are meticulously crafted with pure, organic ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and additives. By choosing minimalism in your beauty routine, you allow your skin and hair to breathe and flourish.

With fewer ingredients, you can enjoy a gentle, nurturing approach that enhances your natural beauty. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and discover the transformative benefits of natural cosmetics.

Unleash the radiance of your skin and hair with the purity of nature. Explore our natural cosmetics range and let simplicity redefine your beauty routine.

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A line that draws active ingredients from succulents and cacti - plants that flourish even in harsh desert conditions. Their leaves accumulate the power of life-giving substances, creating a concentrated essence of beauty.
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The cream strengthens blood vessels and reduces redness. It soothes irritations and eliminates the feeling of tightness. Moisturizes and regenerates.
The soothing facial cleansing foam effectively cleanses the skin of impurities. Its effect soothes and supports the maintenance of the acid-base balance of your skin - all without disturbing the hydrolipid layer.
Natural conditioner for weakened and falling hair with plant keratin and vitamins, contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. Plant keratin makes the hair extremely shiny, flexible and ultra-smooth.
The vegan and natural BeBio BioRejuvenation 40+ eye cream has strong anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties.
Natural shampoo for damaged hair, contains 99.2% ingredients of natural origin. Perfect for frequent use. Makes hair easier to comb wet and dry.
The serum contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. The rich composition of ingredients deeply moisturizes, smoothes, regenerates and reduces visible wrinkles, leaving the skin beautiful, smooth and elastic.
Microdermabrasion ideal for home exfoliation treatments. It leaves the skin smooth, elastic and soft to the touch. Brightens and evens out the skin tone.
Nourishing chocolate face and body mask with 10% cocoa content, cocoa extract, argan oil and shea butter. The chocolate-based treatment stimulates the production of endorphins that improve well-being
Shampoo for washing hair after dyeing and bleaching. The product contains ingredients that nourish, strengthen and protect the hair
A face cleansing foam with a vegan formula and antibacterial effect, designed to cleanse all types of demanding skin: sensitive, oily and combination.
Natural oil obtained by maceration of carrots. It improves the skin tone, deepens and preserves the tan. Intensively nourishes and oils the skin.
The natural HYALURO bioREJUVENATION 40+ night face cream-mask contains as much as 99% of ingredients of natural origin.
OXY O2 TERAPIS algae mask with active oxygen for gray, tired skin lacking energy and radiance. It contains an innovative combination of ingredients that oxygenate and stimulate skin receptors.
Gel for men 8in1 is a cosmetic that fits every men's vanity bag. It cleans well, nourishes and does not cause irritation. It is universal - you can use it to wash your body, face and hands.
Conditioner-serum for fine and delicate hair, moisturizing, nourishing and increasing volume.
Creamy soothing and soothing mask with damask rose hydrolate. Perfect for sensitive, acne-prone and irritation-prone skin.
LIRENE VITAMIN GLOW illuminating face foundation is suitable for all skin types. The cosmetic has a moisturizing, smoothing and beautifully illuminating effect.
Ziaja Med Linseed face serum is recommended as an essential continuation of care after aesthetic medicine treatments and for people struggling with sensitive skin problems.
A set of two natural hair cosmetics based on adaptogens. BOOST's mission is to soothe, regenerate and deeply care for the scalp and hair, for your satisfaction with your hairstyle every day.
After a shower with our naturally amazing gel, your skin will be soft, smooth, supple and moisturized.
Delicate eye cream against signs of aging and fatigue. Thanks to the silk tree bark extract, it protects the delicate skin around the eyes against glycation processes. Reduces the visibility of shadows, wrinkles and discolorations.
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The dog licked you! - The muzzle must be clean, but it does not have to be licked. Oh, and fur! The coat must also be clean - every dog knows that. The one for the baby too. Mordo, my dear, you will wash yourself with this gel and you will smell like a ma
The mask is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.
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