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Natural Cosmetics

What is simple and natural is best for us!

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of conscious skin and hair care based on the selection of good quality products.

Natural cosmetics are characterized by a simple composition based on plant and herbal extracts. Most of the ecological cosmetics are made of carefully selected substances that are safe for health and contain the power of active care ingredients.

Naturlane cosmetics help to take care of beauty in a comprehensive and holistic way, respecting our surroundings.

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A care cosmetic that is perfect for everyday use in the case of discoloration, couperose, flaccid, tired and dull skin.
Natural burdock oil nourishes, strengthens the keratin structure, the bulbs and anchoring the hair to the scalp. It stimulates hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff properties.
Intensively caring gel with a neutral pH for the skin, based on mild cleansing ingredients. For the care of dry, delicate and aging skin
Peeling gently removes the callous layer of the epidermis, without the need for rubbing. It smoothes and improves the appearance of the skin.
Cream designed for mature, normal and couperose skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, brightens and evens out the skin tone. Additionally, it has anti-aging properties
The serum can be used during morning and evening care. It has a moisturizing and soothing effect. The product is based on ingredients of natural origin - up to 99%.
Perfect for frequent use for dry and color-treated hair. Specially selected ingredients of natural origin facilitate wet and dry detangling of hair.
Cleansing oil for removing make-up for dry and mature skin. Designed for quick and gentle removal of makeup, also waterproof.
Perfect for combination, oily and tired skin, the fine-grained peeling provides an immediate sensation of cleansing and smoothing.
Natural shampoo for normal hair, providing volume with extracts of ginseng, white light and African plantain. Perfect for frequent use for normal and voluminous hair.
A highly concentrated face oil serum with a strong anti-aging effect. Bakuchiol has anti-inflammatory and brightening properties, perfectly regulates sebum and stimulates cell renewal.
Our regenerating shampoo with hemp oil and proteins is designed for the care of all hair types. The shampoo effectively cleanses and visibly nourishes the hair, becoming stronger, velvety and soft to the ends day by day
A professional mask from the line of oxygenating cosmetics with active oxygen, intended for gray, tired skin, devoid of radiance and energy.
Apis Professional Kakadu Plum Plum Mask is a preparation recommended for all skin types, with particular emphasis on normal and dry skin
The Ziaja Naturally Nourish day and night face cream shows deeply moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing and smoothing properties.
Ziaja Naturally Nourish Concentrated Serum for the face, neck and neckline is a cosmetic indicated for use as a supplement to almost any type of skin care - with particular emphasis on the one that requires regeneration and hydration.
Illuminating soothing cream Eveline My Beauty Elixir deeply moisturizes and evens out the color, restoring the skin to a healthy, beautiful appearance
The gel soothes and gently cleanses. Regenerates the skin, softens and smoothes the epidermis. Its ingredients make the skin radiant and moisturized.
Ziaja Naturally Nourish The moisturizing day cream is recommended for everyday care of normal and prone to dry skin.
A lotion stimulating hair growth with biotin, intended for brittle and weak hair, in order to strengthen it and increase the thickness and volume of the hair.
Vegan detox mask by Tołpa provides in-depth cleansing of the skin and absorbs excess sebum.
Moisturizing cream for mature, sensitive skin with the first signs of aging. It can be used for morning and evening care. Contains botanical retinol, rose hydrolate, ginkgo biloba.
An effective conditioner that adds volume, thickens the hair, strengthens and nourishes it. Beautiful, shiny and thick hair has just become a fact!
Ziaja Redcurrant shower gel is a cosmetic for daily hygiene and body care. The cosmetic formula is based on ingredients of natural origin, gentle to the skin and the environment
Showingof 388 item(s)