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Largest Polish Health and Beauty Internet Store in US, 

Welcome to our Internet Store!

Pewex Health and Beauty Store and are great places where you can find high-end brands and high quality cosmetic.

We make sure that our assortment is large and full of new products on weekly basis.

Our company offers wholesale and retail of well known brands like: Ziaja, Bielenda, Dr.Irena Eris, Sylveco, Oceanic, Marion, Hean, AA Cosmetics, Eveline, Adidas, Nivea, Fa, Farmona, Janda, Lirene, Lbiotica, L'biotica, Barwa Cosmetics, Bebio, Bialy Jelen, Bio Garden, Bella, Bingo Spa, Bioelixire, Bioderma, Bioliq, Delia, Dermika, Domestos, Dr. Sante, Dermika, Dosia, Dove, Donegal, Dr. Scholl's, Eco Dent, Ecodent, Elmex, Eva, Natura, Garnier, Herbapol, Joanna, L'Oreal, Mia, Pachnaca Szafa, Pani Walewska, Pantene, Pharmaceris, Eris, Pollena, Promees, Refectocil, Rexona, Schwarzkopf, Soraya, Stara Mydlarnia, Sunew, Tisane, Tolpa, Pullana, Apis, Aromatica, Ava, Be Bio, Chodakowska, Biosfera, Botanica, Elfa, Floslek, Palacio, Perfecta

We also offer large selection of professional cosmetics from Ziaja and Bielenda that are widely used by spas and hair salons.

By visiting our website you are guaranteed to find largest assortment, best prices and great customer service.

Thank you for shopping with us.