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The mask with collagen noticeably regenerates, revitalizes and nourishes the skin. Restores elasticity and elasticity that the skin loses with age.
An excellent, fast-acting mask with the effect of reducing wrinkles and lifting. Tailored to the needs of mature skin that loses its firmness and elasticity and requires express results.
The lifting and regenerating mask is designed to improve the structure of mature skin. Perfectly firms and regenerates the skin.
Mask-milky compress - for dry and wrinkle-prone skin. Moisturizes, firms and nourishes the skin.
The mask actively moisturizes, soothes and restores the feeling of comfort.
Algae mask with copper tripeptide and colloidal platinum designed for intensive rejuvenation treatment. It accelerates skin renewal and regeneration, smoothes wrinkles and counteracts the aging process.
The mask is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.
The unique composition of the mask blocks the contractions of facial muscles, as a result of which wrinkles are reduced and the skin is smoothed.
Discolouration-Stop is a range of Apis Professional products intended for facial care. The cosmetics are especially recommended for skin with discolorations and those requiring brightening
OXY O2 TERAPIS algae mask with active oxygen for gray, tired skin lacking energy and radiance. It contains an innovative combination of ingredients that oxygenate and stimulate skin receptors.
Hydrogel collagen flakes under the eyes instantly smoothing out deep wrinkles. Recommended for the care of all skin types after 45 years of age.
Bielenda Professional Vitamin Face Algae Mask will nourish and regenerate your complexion, restoring the skin's youthful glow. Your face will become smooth, properly oxygenated, and fine wrinkles, including facial wrinkles, will disappear.
Raspberry algae mask contains freeze-dried raspberries. It has a regenerating and moisturizing effect. It makes the skin smooth and radiant.
Mask with kaolin, mimosa and arnica extract. It has a soothing effect after exfoliation treatment. It relaxes, soothes, reduces redness and gently closes skin pores.
Instantly tightening algae mask with the breakthrough TENS'UP™ complex, which is a modern active ingredient with a visible lifting and tightening effect.
The gel mask is a light formula based on pear extract and the AQUAXTREM™ complex. It strengthens the mechanisms and elements of the epidermal barrier - ensuring long-lasting hydration and a vital appearance.
Velvet mask based on the unique Agascalm ™ ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory properties, modulating the mechanisms responsible for the negative effects of stress on the skin: - reduces redness - moisturizes - restores skin glow and uniform tone.
The mask effectively improves skin tension, moisturizes the skin and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. One of the active ingredients is powdered diamond.
Is your skin dry, combination or sensitive? So choose Bielenda nourishing and moisturizing mask with caviar, which ensures the proper level of skin hydration and brings immediate relief.
A purifying mineral mask with peloid was created for in-depth care of the skin and removing impurities from it. It reduces roughness, renews and stimulates the skin to regenerate.
Detoxifying metallic mask quickly and effectively improves the condition of combination and oily skin with visible imperfections, deeply cleanses the skin of toxins.
A rich regenerating mask designed for demanding and tired skin, perfectly nourishes and intensively moisturizes it.
Active mask for the face, neck and cleavage. Diamond activation technology. Visibly reduces wrinkles, smoothes, firms and rebuilds.
The mask helps reduce wrinkles, restores the skin's appropriate density and has strong depigmentation and revitalizing properties. It allows you to achieve the effect of rejuvenated, moisturized and firmer skin - the so-called "plumping effect".
Showingof 161 item(s)