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The emulsion was designed for girls before puberty (1-12 years). The gentle washing formula provides a feeling of cleanliness, protects against infections
Doppelherz Aktiv A-Z For Her - a dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals for women.
Doppelherz Aktiv Coenzyme Q10 Forte is indicated for use by people who should take care of the heart or want to reduce the effects of fatigue. It is especially recommended for people over 40 years of age
The product is recommended to strengthen and regenerate hair and improve its condition and appearance; especially for hair: dry, after hairdressing treatments, sunbathing, exposed to chlorinated water.
Colfarm Activated charcoal is a preparation whose formula contains medicinal charcoal, commonly used in diarrhea and poisoning, both with food, chemicals and drugs.
Activated charcoal supports digestive system disorders with intestinal and stomach ailments. Incidentally, it is used in poisoning. Preparation for adults.
Plusssz Active 100% Energy Complex recommended for adults who feel tired and weary and in moments of increased physical and mental effort.
The highest quality preparation based on lemon balm! The formula also includes an extract obtained from hop cones. Its regular supplementation has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps to calm down nerves that are agitated after a whole day.
A version of the traditional Travisto richer with two ingredients supporting weight control. In addition to supporting the work of the digestive tract, Travisto Slim helps to maintain a normal body weight and contributes to the reduction of appetite.
The action of the preparation results from the presence of two components: allantoin and D-panthenol. Allantoin exerts anti-inflammatory, astringent, soothing, keratolytic and stimulating epidermal granulation. D-panthenol regulates the skin's water manag
Effervescent vitamin after drinking alcohol.
Potassium helps in maintaining proper blood pressure and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Choline helps in the proper functioning of the liver.
The lozenges contain marshmallow extract, thyme extract and menthol. They help moisturize and soothe the throat and larynx
The lozenges are especially recommended in the autumn and winter season and for people with irritation of the throat mucosa and upper respiratory tract.
Anti-insect liquid with a wide range of action. The preparation provides protection against insect bites such as ticks, mosquitoes, flies, wasps.
Preparat wykazuje działanie odkażające, przeciwgrzybicze i ściągające.
Arnica extract contained in the gel shrinks small blood vessels, reduces their visibility, gently cools, soothes and soothes. It accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and the absorption of bruises, e.g. after sprains, contusions.
The gel is intended for intensive care of couperose skin, prone to puffiness and redness, as well as for the care of the delicate skin around the eyes with visible shadows and dilated capillaries.
Active formula in a spray for the skin prone to the formation of dilated capillaries, redness and bruising.
Aromactiv are patches with essential oils. They clear a stuffy nose. They facilitate free breathing.
Artemisia vulgaris (Artemisia vulgaris) is excellent for digestive processes and liver function, and is also valued for its calming effect.
B2 ointment reduces problems and irritation in the oral cavity, cares for and actively supports their disappearance.
Showingof 212 item(s)