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A set of two natural hand cosmetics - soap and cream, which will effectively take care of the skin and senses. Beautiful fragrance, care ingredients and charming packaging is a recipe for a successful gift.
Light moisturizing cream for the body, face and hands with almond oil perfectly moisturizes and soothes any skin irritations.
The Protex Ultra soap bar contains as many as two ingredients with bactericidal properties, thanks to which it provides the skin with maximum protection against many different types of microorganisms on its surface.
Grapefruit and coffee peeling shower gel will provide your skin with unique firming thanks to natural peeling particles enriched with aromatic roasted coffee beans. A sensual, citrus scent with a hint of coffee will stimulate your senses.
A set of Cashmere cosmetics in a box with a transparent wrapper.
Set contains:
- shower gel 250 ml
- glycerin soap 90 g
You MUST wash up! - not only unicorns can be magical. And let's be honest - who still believes in unicorns? But an exotic cow? This is it! Introducing a new trend - Magical Cow! The smell of passion fruit, not a barn. The gel washes the body and hair.
Caring soap Creme Soft with nourishing almond oil gently cleanses your skin.
Regenerating and nourishing body butter with cashmere proteins that make the skin more elastic and protect against the harmful effects of external factors.
Ziaja Naturally Nourish Refreshing shower gel is a cosmetic recommended for daily cleansing of the epidermis.
Fa soap with the use of passion fruit extract. It leaves the skin refreshed and protects against termination.
Feel the scent of energy, composed by master perfumers, which stimulates you to take action, a refreshing consistency with exfoliating bamboo particles in a natural yellow color. as well as smoothness and firmness of cleansed skin.
A set of two natural cosmetics, soap and shower gel, in the blissful scent of the limited Winter Night series. The combination of delicate washing ingredients, care extracts and charming aesthetics is a recipe for a nice Christmas gift.
Velvety gel with the addition of cashmere proteins and silk amino acids moisturizes the skin and turns the bath into a SPA ritual. Velvety texture and sensual fragrance turns the bath into a SPA ritual.
Aleppo soap, handmade in Syria based on a traditional recipe with a long maturation process. The main ingredients of the soap are olive oil, laurel oil (5%) and soda lye.
The product shapes the figure and firms the body, leaving the skin smooth, tense, moisturized and nourished.
WHITE DEER FRUIT AND HERBS Viburnum & lemon balm shower gel is a cosmetic intended for daily care. The gel formula will gently cleanse the skin of the body during an aromatic bath.
Vegan body lotion from the VEGAN SMOOTHIE line is a true friend of your skin. The velvety, light texture, similar to a fruit cocktail, is full of "treats" that you like so much in taking care of yourself.
Fragrant shower gel saturated with the nectar of Italian figs. Formula based on ingredients of natural origin, gentle to the skin and the environment.
Shower soap, cranberry-wild strawberry - gently cleanses and provides exceptional refreshment thanks to the content of natural washing substances and extracts of wild strawberries and cranberries.
Fa Yoghurt Vanilla Honey bar soap enriched with yogurt proteins helps maintain a natural balance of skin hydration.
Fa soap with natural rose extract. It leaves the skin refreshed and protects against drying.
Anti-acne liquid soap from the Sulfur Barwa series is designed for daily cleansing of the face, back and cleavage, exposed to imperfections and greasy, maintaining the natural pH of the skin. Used regularly, it reduces acne symptoms and also regulates exc
The nourishing micellar oil formula restores natural beauty. Gently cleanses and nourishes, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch. Light and fluffy foam envelops the body, and the subtle fragrance makes you feel special.
GdanSkin bubble bath is a home spa product that refreshes and relaxes. Based on the hydrating power of bioferment from zinc, silicon, magnesium, copper and iron. Contains plant extracts from the sea cucumber and ordinary shanty.
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