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Vanish is a producer of high-quality detergents!

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The stain remover is safe to use on colored and white fabrics.
Heating, cigarette smoke or steam from the kitchen make the curtains lose their shine. Vanish powder for washing curtains removes dirt and dust and restores the snow white of curtains. Thanks to it, your interiors will be full of light again.
The new formula of Vanish Oxi Action White stain remover fights all types of stains - from the most conspicuous to the almost invisible ones.
Vanish Oxi Action contains active oxygen that removes all types of stains, both those that are easy to see and those that you won't notice before washing.
Vanish for curtains perfectly cares for white curtains, cleans them thoroughly and gives them a bright glow.
Vanish Powder for large areas of rugs is our new revolutionary product that will allow you to clean and refresh your rug or carpet.
Active oxygen molecules. A formula specially developed to make white fabrics even whiter!
Vanish Lemon is an effective and efficient liquid for hand washing carpets. It removes the most stubborn dirt by penetrating deeply into the fibers and giving your carpets a whole new glow and freshness.
Can't handle the stains on the carpet? Use the Vanish Oxi Action spray for carpets and upholstery - it provides amazing results after the first use! With Vanish Spray, you can completely lure even the most stubborn stains on carpets and upholstery.
Showingof 9 item(s)