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Cream designed for mature, normal and couperose skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, brightens and evens out the skin tone. Additionally, it has anti-aging properties
Illuminating eye gel concentrate perfectly smoothes and firms the skin around the eyes, and also brightens the eyes.
The rich regenerating emulsion lightens skin discoloration. It compensates for uneven pigmentation. Reduces the depth of wrinkles.
A highly concentrated face oil serum with a strong anti-aging effect. Bakuchiol has anti-inflammatory and brightening properties, perfectly regulates sebum and stimulates cell renewal.
Apis Professional Kakadu Plum Plum Mask is a preparation recommended for all skin types, with particular emphasis on normal and dry skin
The cream is an effective solution to the problems of dehydrated skin, the dryness of which contributes to the deepening of the feeling of tightness and the skin excessively sensitive to various stimuli.
NEURO GLICOL + VIT. C Exfoliating neuromimetic rejuvenating night serum is a cosmetic that effectively improves the quality and condition of the skin.
Intensively moisturizing anti-wrinkle GoCranberry night serum is a unique product that provides the skin with a number of benefits: moisturizing, strengthening, smoothing and nourishing. Designed for all skin types, even sensitive.
The cream intensively cares for the skin and improves its firmness, effectively reduces wrinkles and makes the skin smooth and moisturized
Japan Lift is a line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics for mature skin, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of beauty. The cream intensely and deeply moisturizes.
It lifts the delicate skin around the eyes. It lifts the eyelids restoring a younger look. It tightens and improves skin elasticity. It reduces wrinkles, firms, nourishes and brightens dark circles under the eyes.
Smoothing eye and eyelid cream with natural hyaluronic acid. Visible lifting effect for drooping eyelids, rejuvenated eyes and reducing the visibility of "crow's feet" and shadows under the eyes.
The cream visibly improves the quality and condition of mature skin. Revitalizes, strengthens and deeply rebuilds thin, dry, weakened skin with visible wrinkles.
The serum has a moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating effect, and also improves the appearance and condition of the skin. Moreover, the product smoothes wrinkles and delays the aging process.
Lifting cream with SYN AKE peptide, synthetic snake venom, also known as "natural botox". The cream nourishes and regenerates the skin, has a lifting effect - smoothes wrinkles and tones the skin.
Orientana Bio Face Serum Brahmi & Hyaluronic Acid is a cosmetic intended for everyday use to care for and cleanse the skin of the face. Suitable for all skin types.
The cream shapes the oval and rejuvenates facial features during sleep. Intensively regenerates and nourishes the skin. Restores density and improves tension.
Smoothing and moisturizing day cream. Intensively regenerates the skin and nourishes it. It smoothes, firms and reduces wrinkles. It delays the aging process, has a strong antioxidant effect
The serum contains ingredients supporting the regeneration, firming and moisturizing of the areas on the skin where wrinkles and delicate furrows appear most quickly.
The cream contains 99% ingredients of natural origin. The rich composition of ingredients deeply moisturizes, firms and prevents wrinkles or smoothes existing ones. The cream has a rejuvenating effect.
An innovative mask that protects the skin against aging processes. Intensively smoothes, revitalizes, reduces wrinkles, adds youthful glow.
A new generation mask against wrinkles and furrows for the face, neck and eyes. Recommended for mature skin after 35 years of age
Moisturizing anti-wrinkle day and night cream for mature, sensitive skin with signs of sagging.
Luxurious cream-concentrate modeling the contour of the face is intended for intensive care of the skin after 50 years of age.
Showingof 176 item(s)