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Natural burdock oil nourishes, strengthens the keratin structure, the bulbs and anchoring the hair to the scalp. It stimulates hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff properties.
Cream designed for mature, normal and couperose skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, brightens and evens out the skin tone. Additionally, it has anti-aging properties
Tołpa Urban Garden 40+ anti age cream with antioxidants for the day allows for comprehensive skin care. Recommended for people who struggle with the first signs of aging of the epidermis.
Herbapect Junior syrup for children relieves cough: reduces the frequency of coughing and facilitates expectoration.
The cosmetic reduces redness and regenerates irritated skin
strengthens blood vessels, soothes irritations and eliminates the feeling of tightness
Dermika Clean & More Tonic - Revitalizing Essence is intended for the daily care of gray and tired skin that requires refreshment.
Fa soap with the use of passion fruit extract. It leaves the skin refreshed and protects against termination.
The Domestos toilet bar with triple action: refreshes and prevents limescale build-up, cleans, has antibacterial properties.
Intensively moisturizing anti-wrinkle GoCranberry night serum is a unique product that provides the skin with a number of benefits: moisturizing, strengthening, smoothing and nourishing. Designed for all skin types, even sensitive.
Tołpa Holistic Lifting anti-wrinkle day cream SPF 20 was created for the care of skin with the first signs of aging and sagging epidermis.
Tołpa - Dermo Face Sebio - Face Cleansing Gel 2 Acids: AHA + LHA - washing gel for contaminated skin, struggling with blackheads and inflammations. The contained peat extract has a strong anti-inflammatory and astringent effect.
A hypoallergenic care dermocosmetic for sensitive, very sensitive, normal and dry skin. The milk effectively removes makeup.
It shapes the oval of the face and chin, rejuvenates the skin of the neck, cleavage and breasts. It improves the density and tension of the skin. It reduces the size of wrinkles and furrows and delays the formation of new ones.
The detergent already when washing clothes, provides them with excellent care, making them look like new after being removed from the washing machine.
Miya myWONDERBALM Hello Yellow Moisturizing and nourishing cream with mango butter is recommended in particular for the care of normal, combination and sensitive skin
Active life requires active care. A set of Dermika masks is the essence of effective and pleasant care for every day of the week. Carefully selected ingredients with intense action create compositions tailored to the needs of your skin
Effectively removes spots typical of the children's world from white and colored fabrics, including from felt-tip pens, candle crayons and even soot.
Bath sponge in the shower or in the bathtub.
Without Calgon, limescale, dirt and detergent deposits can build up on the drum and clog filters and pipes. This can be a source of bad odors, worsening the effects of washing, and even lead to the breakdown of the washing machine.
Intensive hydrocuration in the form of a gel intended for day and night use for oily and combination skin. It is also suitable for skin with inflammations. It can be used on the entire face or on selected areas.
A care product recommended for all skin types. It is intended for use on the entire face or spot on selected places, both during the day and at night. Especially recommended for skin with imperfections and capillary skin.
It is a support for the skin in the city, where a polluted environment, lifestyle and pace of life can threaten its good appearance. It makes the first wrinkles more elastic.
Concentrated modeling serum combines strongly lifting, anti-wrinkle and restoring skin density properties. A few drops are enough to counteract sagging and model the oval of the face.
Concentrated firming serum Tołpa Dermo Face Stimular combines strongly firming, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties. A few drops are enough to restore elasticity and bounce
Showingof 271 item(s)