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Intensively caring gel with a neutral pH for the skin, based on mild cleansing ingredients. For the care of dry, delicate and aging skin
Cleansing oil for removing make-up for dry and mature skin. Designed for quick and gentle removal of makeup, also waterproof.
Apis Professional Kakadu Plum Plum Mask is a preparation recommended for all skin types, with particular emphasis on normal and dry skin
The Ziaja Naturally Nourish day and night face cream shows deeply moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing and smoothing properties.
Proven ointment with effective marigold extracts has a positive effect on chapped and dry skin. Also suitable for problems with varicose veins.
White cosmetic vaseline has an oiling and protective effect. Effectively prevents skin dryness. Perfectly regenerates damaged skin.
Ziaja Naturally Nourish The moisturizing day cream is recommended for everyday care of normal and prone to dry skin.
A tonic designed for all skin types, especially for dry and dehydrated skin. Tones and refreshes the skin, optimally moisturizing it.
A firming body milk with great properties that effectively improves the condition of the skin. Perfectly moisturizes, firms and nourishes the skin.
A multi-regenerating formula for dry and sensitive skin, with a high content of D-panthenol, macadamia oil and argan oil, instantly soothes and calms the skin irritated by sunbathing, as well as in a solarium.
Nivea Rose Touch Moisturizing gel-cream with organic rose water and hyaluronic acid for all skin types is recommended for everyday skin care - especially for dry skin that requires intensive regeneration.
Velvety body butter with the consistency of creamy yogurt is a cosmetic inspired by natural care. Its task is to restore comfort to dry, rough epidermis, moisturize it and strengthen its protective functions.
Yogo Delight is a body butter with a pleasant yoghurt texture. Its task is to restore comfort to dry and rough skin. The butter makes the skin silky smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch.
Cleansing milk with almond milk is intended for people with dry and sensitive skin. Nourishes and maintains a deep level of hydration.
Discover the secret of the Icelandic semi-deserts, the power of Icelandic moss extract closed in innovative recipes. The gel is recommended for dry and delicate skin.
Light, aromatic foam for washing face, hands and body based on gentle cleansing agents of natural origin. Recommended for everyday use.
A luxurious line of cosmetics for cleansing and removing make-up from the face and eyes. A gentle peeling with rejuvenating enzymes for dry and sensitive skin.
Active cream with multidimensional regeneration and moisturizing is a cosmetic for daily care and regeneration of very mature and dry skin of the face.
Lirene Sencica Probiotic smoothing day cream suitable for daily specialist care of sensitive and dry skin, regardless of age.
Creamy, energizing face wash foam, rich in active ingredients, intended for washing and cleansing gray, tired and dry skin.
Satin gel tonic is intended for people with all skin types, but it is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
Active cream with olive oil and Shea butter for intensive care of dry and normal skin. Nourishes and clearly accelerates the renewal of the epidermis.
Active preparation with intensive moisturizing effect, designed for dry and inflexible skin. Intensively and permanently moisturizes the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin.
Creamy body milk with silk proteins and shea butter for dry and not very elastic skin.
Showingof 147 item(s)