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Luxurious multilifting cream-concentrate is intended for intensive skin care after 60 years of age. The unique formula inspired by aesthetic medicine treatments acts as a shock treatment that comprehensively rejuvenates the skin.
Revitalizing anti-wrinkle cream with a multifunctional formula optimally moisturizes, improves firmness, elasticity, nicely tones and strengthens mature skin.
A smoothing cream for mature, sensitive skin with visible signs of sagging. It can be used for morning and evening care. Contains botanical retinol, rose hydrolate and orchid extract.
The cream visibly improves the quality and condition of mature skin. Revitalizes, strengthens and deeply rebuilds thin, dry, weakened skin with visible wrinkles.
Strongly anti-wrinkle and firming cream recommended for the care of mature skin that requires intensive firming, lifting and moisturizing.
A quick way to refresh color between dyes or change hue. Unusual delicacy in action - no ammonia and oxidants
The concentrated wrinkle filler fills the reversible skin irregularities caused by fatigue. Effectively smoothes surface wrinkles.
Replaces tonic and eye make-up remover. It thoroughly cleanses the face and does not require rinsing. Effectively removes makeup, also from sensitive eyes.
The cream smoothes the skin around the eyes most prone to sagging. Fills in reversible unevenness caused by fatigue.
Showingof 9 item(s)