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AA Retinol Intensive 60+, intensive night cream is intended for the care of mature facial skin after 60 years of age
AA Retinol Intensive 60+, intensive day cream is intended for the care of mature facial skin after 60 years of age
CAVIAR CREAM ACTIVELY REGENERATING 60+ visibly reduces the symptoms of the passage of time, improving the tension and nourishment of thin, dry mature skin.
Full of ultra-effective, multi-functional peptides, the cream nicely firms, tightens and strengthens the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles. It improves elasticity, optimally moisturizes, and eliminates roughness.
Bielenda Diamond Lipids Diamond Lipid Cream-Concentrate anti-wrinkle 60+ day/night is a cosmetic designed for effective skin care after the age of 60.
Rebuilding and smoothing day/night cream 60+ is a cream for demanding mature skin over the age of sixty, which reduces the visibility of wrinkles on the forehead, nasal folds and wrinkles around the mouth.
A cream with a rich, silky consistency, created for women aged 60+, whose skin, among others due to the loss of lipids and collagen, requires comprehensive regenerating, renewing, visible reduction of wrinkles, firming and thickening.
Exclusive 60+ Anti-wrinkle ultra-smoothing cream is a care cosmetic recommended for daily care of all skin types over 60 years of age.
The 60+ anti-wrinkle cream from the Perfecta Clean Beauty series visibly improves and firms the skin, restores its natural glow and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.
A special formula containing coenzyme Q10 and vitamins E, C, F, which provide the skin with energy necessary for its regeneration. They work against wrinkles.
Perfecta Bio Collagen is an anti-wrinkle face cream for day and night, which was created for skin care after the age of 60.
Vitis Vinifera series cosmetics have been enriched with resveratrol - a strong antioxidant found in grape skin, which has rejuvenating properties
Liquid crystal anti-wrinkle day and night cream for women over 60 is a specific concentrate of effectiveness. The luxurious, thick, creamy formula cares for the skin day and night to effectively fight the signs of the passage of time.
Soraya Lavender Essence series are unique cosmetics for mature skin. They are filled with lavender hydrolate, natural oils and emollients.
CERAMIDE ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM 60+ is a luxurious day and night cream for women over 60, which effectively smoothes, improves skin firmness and elasticity and slows down the aging process.
LUXURY REJUVENATING CREAM-SERUM 60+ spectacularly elasticizes and regenerates the deep layers of the skin, and the ANTI-AGE complex stimulates a multidimensional lifting
The cream visibly improves the appearance and condition of the skin, allows it to maintain a nice appearance and harmonious proportions. Regenerates and tightens the skin nicely.
The cream effectively improves the appearance and condition of mature skin. Deeply moisturizes, supports the skin reconstruction processes, stimulates the growth of its density and elasticity.
The cream rebuilds the skin structure and effectively reduces the visibility of even the deepest wrinkles and furrows. It renews collagen fibers, restoring skin firmness
Showingof 19 item(s)