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Exclusive night emulsion for skin care after 50 years of age.
The firming and lifting face cream 50+ Bielenda Firming Peptides was created on the basis of Advanced Pro Age Technology with multi-peptides and plant collagen.
CRIOLOGY is a combination of 6 years of research, science and aesthetic medicine. Effective and professional products created so that every woman can enjoy the spectacular effects of cold therapy.
Cream against wrinkles and furrows Dermka 100% For Men reduces wrinkles and improves skin firmness. In addition, it smoothes the surface of the skin and reduces roughness, restoring softness.
Dermika Imagine Diamond Skin is a line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics that uses innovative technologies in combination with diamond dust and lipids. The formulas created in this way guarantee a beautiful and young appearance of the skin.
Bielenda Diamond Lipids Diamond-Lipid anti-wrinkle cream 50+ day/night is a product designed for effective care of mature and sensitive skin.
Argan oil and wakame algae extract regenerate and visibly firm the skin. PROXINE 3-LIFT™ will make the skin brighter and tense.
Collagen cream for mature beautiful women 50+. A rich, velvety cream ideally suited to the needs of the skin of women 50+, the condition of which is significantly deteriorating due to the weakening of cellular metabolism.
Bielenda Złote Ceramidy cream is a cosmetic for day and night use, intended for the care of mature skin after the age of 50. The cream nicely tightens and smoothes the thin, delicate skin with symptoms of sagging
Jasmine in the anti-wrinkle essence 50+ - has an anti-wrinkle effect, intended for day and night use, on the face and neck.
Cream for all types of mature skin. Compensates for the loss of collagen, physiolipids and hyaluronic acid. It is greasy, has a rich, very efficient consistency. It absorbs quickly. Has a pleasant smell.
CAVIAR FILLING WRINKLE CREAM 50+, thanks to its moisturizing and regenerating effect, visibly reduces wrinkles, restoring comfort and elasticity to mature skin.
Natural Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream for Day 50+ deeply moisturizes, regenerates and effectively reduces the visibility of wrinkles.
Strongly firming anti-wrinkle cream 50+ tightens and smoothes the skin, reduces the visibility of wrinkles and discolorations, and optimally moisturizes. It improves firmness, elasticity and skin tone, and adds radiance and shine.
Cream for mature skin over fifty, effectively lifts, tightens and regenerates the epidermis. Beautifully smoothes wrinkles and improves color. Visibly improves the hydration of thin and dry skin.
Cream with a modern, velvety texture. It reduces wrinkles and restores proper hydration to the skin, ensuring a feeling of comfort throughout the day. Intensively firms and tightens the skin. It is an excellent base for make-up and extends its durability.
Precious Skin moisturizing smoothing day cream is an effective combination of golden algae and caviar algae, enriched with jojoba oil, which is a rich source of lipids.
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The concentrated formula of the SMOOTHING EYE CREAM intensively moisturizes and smoothes the skin, reducing dark circles and puffiness. Mimic wrinkles are less visible, and the look gains a radiant glow.
A cocktail of selected ingredients that have an effective anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating effect with the effect of healthy skin.
Anti-wrinkle day and night cream recommended for people aged 50+ Improves the appearance and condition of the skin, allows it to maintain harmonious proportions.
Jasmine micellar water with a toning substance of natural origin for the daily care of mature skin 50+. Provides mild makeup removal.
Day cream. An exclusive emulsion for daily skin care after the age of 50. It compensates for the loss of collagen, physiolipids and hyaluronic acid.
MY CLINIC Kriology Night Cream 50+ intensively nourishes, improves firmness, smoothes and brightens discolorations.
An effective and professional eye cream created so that every woman can enjoy the spectacular effects of cold therapy - Kriology. Cryotherapy is a therapeutic method that involves cold treatment and helps to deal with many diseases.
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