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The cream stimulates renewal and regeneration during sleep. Strongly firms and tightens the skin to give it a younger look. It reduces wrinkles.
Diamond-lipid anti-wrinkle cream for day and night for mature, sensitive skin with the first signs of aging. The cream effectively improves the quality and condition of the skin, minimizing the negative effects of aging.
Cream with a unique, light texture. It reduces wrinkles and deeply nourishes the skin, providing a feeling of refreshment and comfort throughout the day. Significantly improves hydration and intensively smoothes.
Ziaja Anno D'oro Wrinkle reducing night cream is a cosmetic for face skin care after 40 years of age.
Perfecta Bio Collagen is an anti-wrinkle face cream for day and night, which was created for skin care after the age of 40.
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The natural HYALURO bioREJUVENATION 40+ night face cream-mask contains as much as 99% of ingredients of natural origin.
Firming anti-wrinkle eye cream is a cosmetic intended for the daily care of extremely delicate skin under the eyes in order to protect against dryness and the appearance of the first wrinkles.
A specialist tightening preparation with a moisturizing formula. Effectively cares for mature skin 40+ during the day. Includes SPF 10 filter.
Anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream 40+. Rich, moisturizing for all types of mature skin. Provides the effect of healthy and younger skin with a radiant appearance
Revolutionary technology of golden lifting threads. Spectacularly tightens and firms the skin. Reduction of wrinkles from the first application.
Anti-wrinkle cream created especially for demanding mature skin, which contains as much as 99% ingredients of natural origin.
The cosmetic ensures optimal hydration and nourishment of the skin while protecting it against external factors. Cream intended for everyday use. Perfect under makeup.
The cream strongly firms the skin and reduces wrinkles. It restores elasticity and elasticity. It smoothes, moisturizes, nourishes and brightens the skin. It protects against the negative influence of the external environment. Restores shine and radiant a
Concentrated firming serum Tołpa Dermo Face Stimular combines strongly firming, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties. A few drops are enough to restore elasticity and bounce
The cream visibly improves the appearance and condition of the skin. Intensively moisturizes, regenerates and retains moisture in the skin. Visibly reduces and smooths wrinkles.
Skrzypovita 40+ is dedicated to women over 40, whose skin and hair have special needs. The preparation helps to keep a youthful appearance.
A cream with a unique, very light "cream to water" texture. It gives the skin an immediate feeling of refreshment and lightness. It is recommended for skin care that requires even color, hydration and reduction of wrinkles.
Showingof 17 item(s)