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The serum is a concentrated preparation with a higher concentration of active ingredients than a regular cream. The stem cell serum provides a lifting effect to keep your skin looking younger and firmer.
The cream delays aging and activates the glow of the skin around the eyes. With longer use, the skin becomes rejuvenated, smooth and elastic, and dark circles under the eyes are reduced.
An innovative mask that protects the skin against aging processes. Intensively smoothes, revitalizes, reduces wrinkles, adds youthful glow.
The cream supports the regeneration and renewal of the skin during sleep. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is intensely moisturized.
The cream eliminates mimic wrinkles. It supports the reconstruction of the skin, regenerating it deeply. In the morning, the complexion is smooth, rested and radiant.
A new generation mask against wrinkles and furrows for the face, neck and eyes. Recommended for mature skin after 35 years of age
Showingof 6 item(s)