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A care cosmetic for all skin types after the age of 30. It provides moisturizing and smoothing and pleasant, aromatic relaxation.
Concentrated cream-serum, thanks to modern technology and ingredients, regenerates, firms, moisturizes and rebuilds the skin, preventing cell aging.
The cream against the first wrinkles SPF30 counteracts premature aging, protecting the skin against free radicals, polluted urban environment and UV radiation every day.
The anti-first wrinkle booster serum combines the power of a serum with the lightness of a tonic to prevent premature aging and protect against free radicals and polluted urban environments on a daily basis.
A semi-rich, active day and night cream that reduces wrinkles. For women over 30
Rich cream for dry and normal skin - ensuring the effect of a stable level of skin hydration. It smoothes wrinkles and reduces the roughness of the epidermis
Topły creams from the Urban Garden 30+ series are intensively moisturizing and regenerating cosmetics that support the skin in the city, where polluted environment and stress affect its good appearance.
Eliminates dark circles under the eyes, increases the illumination of the skin. The cream prevents the loss of moisture and strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin. It has antioxidant properties and stops the skin aging process.
It repairs damage and soothes irritation. It evens out the color, masks redness and minor discoloration. It makes the skin elastic, smoothes fine lines and the first wrinkles
It is a gentle and effective care for irritated, allergy-prone skin with the first signs of aging. It wonderfully tones and intensively regenerates the skin, leaving it moisturized and full of radiance.
Regenerating cream based on grapes is a proposal for people around 30 years of age who care about proper hydration and nourishment of the skin.
Delicate gel, thanks to the microparticles of strawberry and silicon, peptides and a vitamin complex, cleans the skin of impurities, sebum residues, smoothes and polishes the top layer of the epidermis.
It is a support for the skin in the city, where a polluted environment, lifestyle and pace of life can threaten its good appearance. It makes the first wrinkles more elastic.
The night cream against the first wrinkles corrects the first wrinkles, moisturizes, nourishes and tones the skin during sleep.
The cream counteracts premature aging, protecting the sensitive eye area from free radicals and polluted urban environment. It reduces fine lines.
Clay face wash gel 30+ gently and effectively cleanses the skin of accumulated impurities and free radicals. Instantly leaves the skin refreshed and smooth.
Intensively nourishes and regenerates the skin. Eliminates roughness and the feeling of tightness. It prevents premature aging and delays the appearance of wrinkles
DERMIKA All-night moisturizing mask intended as a supplement to the daily care of skin that requires hydration for women aged 30, 40+.
Created so that your skin retains the energy of youth. The cream actively moisturizes and provides the skin with a strong dose of energy, smoothes and reduces the first wrinkles
Smoothing gommage peeling - exfoliates dead skin cells, thus the skin after applying the peeling is smooth and delicately brightened.
Błękitny krem przeciwzmarszczkowy do codziennej pielęgnacji cery po 30 roku życia. Zawiera filtry UV, dzięki którym zapewnia ochronę skóry przed szkodliwym działaniem promieni słonecznych i fotostarzeniem.
Krem o wyjątkowej, bardzo lekkiej konsystencji „cream to water”. Daje skórze natychmiastowe odczucie odświeżenia i lekkości. Polecany jest do pielęgnacji skóry wymagającej energizacji, detoxu i głębokiego nawilżenia.
Showingof 22 item(s)