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A cosmetic that allows you to quickly obtain the effect of a natural tan, while caring for the skin. Addressed to women with a dark complexion.
Cream + tonic MATT ME NOW in the form of a delicate moisturizing mist, acts as a light cream and refreshing tonic. Nourishes, mattifies and balances the pH of the skin.
The cosmetic works in two ways: as an enzyme peeling and a moisturizing mask. It provides deep cleansing and an intense dose of hydration at the same time.
The rich composition and innovative 2-in-1 formula combines an enzymatic peeling and a smoothing mask, which guarantees spectacular effects in a short time. The mask absorbs very quickly without leaving an oily layer.
The cosmetic is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, allergic, as well as oily and prone to imperfections. Micellar fluid - tonic cleanses, tones and restores the appropriate pH of the skin. Moreover, it effectively removes waterproof makeup.
2in1 micellar-tonic works in two ways: gently cleanses and tones the skin. It can also be used to remove eye and lip makeup.
The cosmetic moisturizes the skin and restores its proper pH level. It soothes irritation and redness. It promotes the regeneration and renewal of the epidermis
A mild 2-in-1 preparation, body and hair wash gel for children and babies over 6 months old.
Showingof 8 item(s)