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A mild micellar face and eye wash is intended for sensitive skin with dilated capillaries and reddened skin.
The cosmetic reduces unevenness and the number of pores in 7 days. Removes persistent and recurring imperfections. Eliminates subcutaneous pustules and papules. It brightens discolorations and prevents their formation.
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Feel the scent of energy, composed by master perfumers, which stimulates you to take action, a refreshing consistency with exfoliating bamboo particles in a natural yellow color. as well as smoothness and firmness of cleansed skin.
TOŁPA Enzymatic Hair Cleansing Shampoo concentrates the power of enzymes and lactic acid for deep cleansing of hair and scalp from impurities, sebum and styling agents. It has 97% ingredients of natural origin.
The anti-skin firming day cream contains 85% ingredients of natural origin. It smoothes existing wrinkles and firms and tightens the skin
Mild physio peeling. the microbiome removes callous epidermis without disturbing the skin's protective barrier. It supports the microbiome, so it soothes irritations and reduces skin sensitivity.
Shampoo for washing hair after dyeing and bleaching. The product contains ingredients that nourish, strengthen and protect the hair
The product shapes the figure and firms the body, leaving the skin smooth, tense, moisturized and nourished.
The cream strengthens blood vessels and reduces redness. It soothes irritations and eliminates the feeling of tightness. Moisturizes and regenerates.
Brightening concentrated serum is recommended to complement the daily care of sensitive and discolored skin.
TOŁPA ESTETIC CLEANSING Hyaluronic micellar water for face and eye cleansing for daily make-up removal and cleansing of all skin types, including sensitive and allergic skin.
A purifying mineral mask with peloid was created for in-depth care of the skin and removing impurities from it. It reduces roughness, renews and stimulates the skin to regenerate.
The smoothing hand concentrate by Tołpa® Green Fig and Black Currant brings relief to chapped hand skin, while eliminating the unpleasant feeling of roughness, peeling and tightness.
Tołpa estetic irritation is a formula that eliminates redness and irritation. Reduces the intensity of blush. It counteracts over-reactivity of the skin, reducing the tendency to redness. Prevents the development of rosacea
Scrub 3 enzymes for the scalp TOŁPA concentrates the exfoliating power of enzymes and acid for maximum cleansing of the scalp from impurities, styling agents and removal of calloused epidermis.
The micellar liquid for washing the face, eyes and lips not only effectively removes make-up and impurities on the skin, but also soothes irritations, soothes and provides adequate skin hydration.
It lifts the delicate skin around the eyes. It lifts the eyelids restoring a younger look. It tightens and improves skin elasticity. It reduces wrinkles, firms, nourishes and brightens dark circles under the eyes.
It works like a peeling, but does not contain particles or AHA acids. It removes callous epidermis thanks to three active enzymes, without rubbing or additional irritation.
The cream improves the appearance and condition of the skin around the eyes. It shallow and reduce the visibility of both shallow wrinkles and deeper furrows. It reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.
Estetic Discoloration Cream that brightens discoloration is a cosmetic for the care of unevenly colored skin, prone to pigmentation spots.
Moisturizes the skin, strengthens and seals blood vessels. It reduces their sensitivity to external factors. It calms the erythema, gently masks redness
The cosmetic moisturizes the skin and restores its proper pH level. It soothes irritation and redness. It promotes the regeneration and renewal of the epidermis
The cosmetic reduces redness and regenerates irritated skin
strengthens blood vessels, soothes irritations and eliminates the feeling of tightness
The cosmetic immediately improves the condition of the skin and intensively moisturizes. Activates shine and prevents aging.
Showingof 172 item(s)