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The gel nurtures and regenerates the skin. Recommended for active people, practicing sports and the elderly. Herbal ingredients have a warming effect, bringing relief, especially after physical exertion, overtraining and fatigue.
Active formula in a spray for the skin prone to the formation of dilated capillaries, redness and bruising.
The gel is intended for intensive care of couperose skin, prone to puffiness and redness, as well as for the care of the delicate skin around the eyes with visible shadows and dilated capillaries.
Arnica extract contained in the gel shrinks small blood vessels, reduces their visibility, gently cools, soothes and soothes. It accelerates the healing of micro-injuries and the absorption of bruises, e.g. after sprains, contusions.
Caring for swollen, irritated by dust, sun and inappropriate makeup around the eyes. The skylight contained in the gel is safe next to contact lenses
It is intended for people who work with a computer and artificial light. It reduces redness, soothes irritations and brings relief to the eyes.
It prevents the formation of the so-called "bags under the eyes" Intended for people prone to irritation and swelling of the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes, and those with eyesight tired of artificial lighting.
It removes the symptoms of fatigue, tearing, irritation and burning sensation around the eyes caused by weather conditions, staying in dry rooms, and lack of sleep.
It brings relief, a pleasant feeling of gentle cooling, causes the so-called feeling of cooling to disappear. "Heavy eyelids". It soothes irritation, redness and burning caused by cosmetic treatments.
Gel for people who work intensively at the computer. The effective formula of the gel prevents the eyes from looking tired and the dark circles under the eyes disappear.
Showingof 10 item(s)