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Prebiotic toner in a mist with a vegan formula, designed for cleansing sensitive skin with imperfections.
Innovative "soft focus" pigments match the natural skin tone while adding radiance, freshness and a subtle shine
Fluid adjusts to the natural skin tone, while adding radiance, freshness and subtle shine to it. Gently covers, does not change color.
Innowacyjne pigmenty „soft focus” dopasowują się do naturalnego odcienia skóry, jednocześnie dodając jej blasku, świeżości i subtelnego połyskukwas hialuronowy dodatkowo chroni skórę przed utratą wilgoci.
BATH AND SHOWER SOAP ORANGE AND GINGER Based on ingredients of plant origin, it effectively and gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. It captivates with a distinct note of aromatic orange and ginger
OH JUST PEACHY! are cosmetics that change healthy care habits into pure pleasure! Let yourself be seduced by the surprising textures and the tempting scent of juicy peach!
Showingof 6 item(s)