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Atlantic cod liver oil (fatty oil) is a source of natural fat-soluble vitamins (A + D) and essential omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.
Doppelherz Aktiv A-Z For Her - a dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals for women.
Specjalny preparat rewitalizujący włosy i paznokcie, z olejem z zarodków pszenicy, wyciągiem z prosa.Zawarte w nim witaminy B6, B12, C poprawiają odżywienie cebulek włosa i macierzy paznokci.Przywracają włosom ich naturalny kolor i połysk.
A set of 15 vitamins and minerals - specially designed for diabetics and people on a diet to supplement their diet.
A combination of carefully selected plant extracts that reduce nervous tension and stress. A natural relaxing effect, without the effects of dementia or daytime sleepiness.
A high dose of magnesium and potassium is recommended to ensure proper muscle contractility and to replenish electrolytes in the body.
Dietary supplement that supports the revitalization of hair and nails. The preparation is intended for adults.
Doppelherz aktiv lecithin forte 1200. The preparation is recommended during intense mental work or study, during periods of stress and overwork.
Melatonin DUO is a dietary supplement for adults who have difficulty falling asleep and suffering from the symptoms of sudden change of time zone syndrome.
Carefully selected ingredients supporting the proper functioning of the immune system (vitamin C, echinacea, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin B12
Doppelherz aktiv A-Z For him, it is a dietary supplement that provides modern support for demanding and active men who want to start a family.
Highly absorbable magnesium in the form of citrate enriched with vitamin B6.
Doppelherz Aktiv Coenzyme Q10 Forte is indicated for use by people who should take care of the heart or want to reduce the effects of fatigue. It is especially recommended for people over 40 years of age
The preparation is recommended for people who care about their heart, live under stress, during convalescence, in the prime of life.
The dietary supplement contains cinnamon bark extract that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.
Preparation specially developed for men who want to increase their sexual potency. It has a positive effect on physiological mechanisms enabling erection and increasing sex drive (libido).
Doppelherz aktiv for diabetics has been specially developed for people who follow a diabetic diet.
The preparation is recommended for women over 40, for better well-being in menopause and post-menopausal health.
A unique combination of 13 active ingredients, with the highest total dose of soy isoflavones and hops extract for women over 40.
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