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"Bath with L-carnitine BINGOSPA" is a journey to the land of relaxation and a dose of energy after the hardships of everyday life.
The minerals contained in the BINGOSPA brine are obtained, in a completely natural way, by evaporating sea water from the Black Sea. The beneficial and conditioning effect of BINGOSPA brine bath on the skin is due to the richness of minerals it contains.
Young, attractive and well-groomed skin is every woman's dream. However, many of us struggle with the problem of discoloration, which is very difficult to eliminate. The gel serum will help you with this!
The mask improves skin elasticity, reduces discoloration and evens out the skin tone.
Your skin looks grayer and more tired with each passing year. Do you see more and more furrows and unattractive crow's feet around your eyes? Enrich your daily care with a lifting mask!
Bingospa hair treatment is a professional formula that contains keratin, argan oil, snail mucus and yogurt extract for comprehensive regeneration of dry and brittle hair
Peat BINGOSPA (1000 mg in 100 g) is a selected variety of medicinal peat, a standardized essence with stable biological activity, the properties of which are determined by the content of organic and inorganic substances.
Siarka jest jednym z najważniejszych dla ludzkiego organizmu makroelementów, jest składnikiem keratyny oraz kolagenu, czyli białek będących budulcami włosów, skóry i paznokci, ma zatem kluczowy wpływ na ich wygląd. To właśnie dlatego bywa nazywana „pierwi
Mud Salt improves blood circulation, has a warming, anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes the pain associated with injuries and diseases of the joints and bones
Showingof 9 item(s)