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An innovative combination of four acids with a pH of 1.4, acting on many levels, with unusual properties. The preparation intensively exfoliates the stratum corneum, has anti-aging properties, shrinks dilated capillaries, lightens discoloration
Choose a unique formula of a delicate shampoo that will remove all impurities, take care of hydration, strengthen the structure and additionally restore shine and beautiful appearance to your hair.
Extremely moisturizing algae mask with pear and rhubarb Aquaxtrem tm is a mask that stimulates the natural mechanisms of skin hydration, achieving deep and long-lasting effects.
The innovative gel perfectly cleans and absorbs all impurities and toxins. Formula rich in activated bamboo charcoal and ionized silver with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
Mix of acids for exfoliation intended for skin with signs of aging, loss of firmness, uneven color and acne-prone skin
Moisturizing and oxygenating mist with hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and an oxygenating substance, which is a unique combination of minerals. Intensively moisturizes and oxygenates the skin.
The Apis Discolouration-Stop Home terApis velvety cream is based on the innovative Melavoid ™ and Darkout ™ complexes. These are active substances with a brightening effect in an even and homogeneous skin tone.
An intensive cream designed to soothe delicate and overly reactive skin to make it smooth and radiant every morning. It contains azelaic acid and the anti-inflammatory ingredient Agascalm
Look after your skin all day long. Discover the latest, advanced formula of the cream designed to actively protect your skin microbiome.
Apis Professional Natural Cosmetics Rosacea-Stop concentrated ampoules based on damask rose hydrolate stimulate microcirculation, strengthen, seal blood vessels, tone and balance the skin.
Extremely light and versatile oil for removing makeup and cleansing the face, eyes and lips - without the need to use cosmetic pads. It contains a completely unique composition of 100% natural vegetable oils.
A delicate and creamy emulsion that perfectly removes makeup and perfectly cleanses the skin of the face. The secret of the yogurt is a recipe based on 100% natural mango and passion fruit oils
Velvet mask based on the unique Agascalm ™ ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory properties, modulating the mechanisms responsible for the negative effects of stress on the skin: - reduces redness - moisturizes - restores skin glow and uniform tone.
Choose a cream that will naturally take care of the condition, appearance and health of your skin. Its light and very intense formula will provide a wealth of ingredients, the effects of which you will see after the first use.
The unique properties of acids are responsible for exfoliating the top layer of the epidermis and visibly improve the structure of the skin. The acid complex has a strong antibacterial and anti-blackhead effect, and is also anti-inflammatory.
Couperose-Stop serum makes the skin highly moisturized and smooth. In addition, the preparation has an immunostimulating effect, leaving the sensitive and vascular skin strengthened and in better condition - more resistant to irritation.
The mask is intended for the care of all skin types, especially sensitive skin and those with vascular problems. Effectively unblocks pores.
Exclusive terApis illuminating algae mask with pearl, golden algae and caviar. For mature skin that requires illumination and firming.
Smoothing conditioner for high porosity hair Apis Trichological Care contains as much as 90% natural ingredients. In its nourishing formula you will find sulfur amino acids that minimize hair loss and stimulate its growth
Choose a cream that will take care of your appearance during your sleep or carefree rest. Choose a proven formula, the effectiveness of which is due to natural and tested ingredients
Choose a concentrate whose positive effects you will notice after the first use. The slightly gel formula, based on 10% stable vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, will take care of the beautiful, healthy and radiant skin of your face, neck and décolleté.
Anti-aging face mask for all skin types that requires hydration and regeneration.
Cleansing micellar water for face and eye make-up removal is a light, odorless liquid that gently but effectively removes skin impurities. Thanks to the natural PH, it does not affect the natural barrier of the skin.
Detoxifying gel mask with bamboo charcoal and ionized silver by Apis refreshes the skin, gently mattifies, eliminates imperfections, restores the skin to a healthy appearance and regulates the production of sebum.
Showingof 51 item(s)