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The cleansing milk is intended for the daily cleansing and make-up removal of face and eyes. Dedicated to hypersensitive and allergy-prone skin
Active cream with multidimensional regeneration and moisturizing is a cosmetic for daily care and regeneration of very mature and dry skin of the face.
Mattifying fluid, narrowing pores, SPF 25 for skin prone to excessive shine, requiring color evening and masking skin imperfections.
Cream with vitamin K intended for daily care for vascular skin with saltiness, periodic hyper-reactivity, occurring as a result of external factors such as strong emotions, temperature changes or alcohol consumption
Pharmaceris N Puri-Capilique A gentle tonic-mist that strengthens blood vessels for the care of skin with the problem of dilated and bursting blood vessels. Suitable for skin of all ages.
The concentrate is recommended for couperose skin, which under the influence of oxidative stress (increased activity of free radicals) is subject to micro-irritation and faster aging processes, deepening of wrinkles, losing its glow and firmness.
This cream is recommended for the daily care of skin with dilated or broken capillaries, persistent redness and a tendency to loose moisture and become excessively dry.
Pharmaceris H Stimulinum conditioner stimulating hair growth was developed for women and men with the problem of severe periodic and premature hair loss.
This dermocosmetic is intended for washing and caring for dry, brittle and damaged hair by chemical and hairdressing treatments.
It is recommended for the daily care of skin with uneven color, discoloration and prone to discoloration during sun exposure.
Recommended for night whitening treatment for skin with discoloration and uneven color. Preparation for use on areas affected by pigmentation changes.
A lotion for the daily care of skin with signs of aging that requires comprehensive regeneration, deep nourishment and antibacterial protection.
The fluid cleanses the skin, removes makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin and eyes. It restores balance to the skin and soothes irritations.
Recommended for the care of sensitive and allergic skin, as well as for sudden and chronic irritations, severe dryness and persistent itching.
The cream is recommended for the daily care of dry, normal and sensitive skin with rosacea, prone to redness, persistent and paroxysmal erythema and papular and pustular changes.
A shampoo for washing and caring for the sensitive scalp that does not tolerate SLS and SLES, is prone to irritation, dryness, itching and burning, as well as fine and delicate hair.
A concentrate for allergic and sensitive skin, which undergoes physiological aging with age and under the influence of environmental factors, becoming thinner, flaccid and rough.
Showingof 17 item(s)