Intimate Hygiene

Some people treat the subject of intimate hygiene as something embarrassing - unnecessarily! Proper intimate hygiene allows you to avoid many unpleasant situations and health problems.

The rules of intimate hygiene should be followed by both women and men.

Caring for the genital area helps to prevent irritation and dangerous infections. At the same time, both insufficient and excessive hygiene of the genital area are unfavorable for the health of the genital organs.

Bar soap, the pH of which is highly alkaline, should not be used, therefore it may cause dryness and irritation of the skin around the reproductive organs.

However, special cosmetics for intimate hygiene (usually in the form of a gel or a liquid) are recommended with ingredients that do not cause irritation, e.g. lactic acid, lanolin or thyme, calendula, chamomile extracts, or algae.

A good intimate hygiene fluid should not disturb the natural microflora and at the same time should not incline to the development of pathogenic microorganisms!

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