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Oillan med + Soothing and protective body lotion is intended for daily prevention and elimination of skin lesions resulting from contact and pollen allergies. Suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
Oiling emollient base with high protective activity already during washing. Demonstrates dermatological effectiveness in chronic AD changes
Preparation for use in the case of disturbance of the protective barrier of the epidermis, dry skin, irritations of varying extent and severe itching of the skin.
The rich formula of the lotion contains an oiling complex with a high content of lipids, which intensively and long-lastingly regenerates irritated, dry and flaky skin of infants, children and adults.
The oil gently oils and gently cleanses the skin as well as protects against drying while washing. It reduces roughness and excessive flaking of the epidermis. It prevents itchy skin and irritations.
The gentle cream was developed for the sake of very sensitive children's skin prone to allergies, atopy and drying.
Showingof 6 item(s)