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Our dermocosmetics tones and strengthens the skin, regenerates, firms and moisturizes. It restores skin elasticity and prevents stretch marks.
Ziaja Mamma Mia Gynecological intimate hygiene fluid is a gentle preparation necessary for everyday washing of intimate areas. Especially recommended for pregnant women and after childbirth.
In combination with massage, it supports fat burning. Maintains elasticity and firmness at the level of young skin. It prevents sagging, intensively regenerates and nourishes the epidermis.
Active cream recommended in the prevention and reduction of stretch marks. It can be used from the 4th month of pregnancy, after childbirth and with a sharp change in weight
Creamy intimate hygiene lotion was created for the daily care and hygiene of the delicate skin of intimate parts of pregnant and postpartum women.
Showingof 5 item(s)