Ziaja Intima

Ziaja Intima

Intimate hygiene is extremely important if we want to avoid problems such as irritation and infections. Properly performed intimate hygiene will allow you to enjoy the comfort of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day.

Contrary to appearances, proper intimate hygiene is not time-consuming. The greatest enemy of the intimate organs are bacteria and you should focus on getting rid of them. Both women and men are helped by a properly selected washing preparation and frequent (but not too frequent) washing.

Properly performed intimate hygiene leaves comfort and freshness behind, which strengthens self-confidence.

The use of intimate hygiene cosmetics will help to maintain the natural pH balance of the skin and prevent infections and accompanying ailments. The intima series is a wide range of liquids, foams and wipes for intimate hygiene. The products gently wash, provide a long-lasting feeling of freshness, have a positive effect on the natural bacterial flora, soothe irritations and protect the mucosa.

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