Intimate hygiene is extremely important if we want to avoid problems such as irritation and infections. Properly performed intimate hygiene will allow you to enjoy the comfort of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day.

Maintaining intimate hygiene

Adequate intimate hygiene, contrary to appearances, is not time consuming. Bacteria are the greatest enemy of intimate organs and it is important to focus on getting rid of them. For both women and men, a properly selected cleaning agent and frequent (but not too frequent) washing help. Properly conducted intimate hygiene leaves comfort and freshness behind, which strengthens self-confidence.

Intimate hygiene of women - the most important principles

Special fluids should be used for intimate hygiene, preferably those that do not affect the natural pH of the vagina. The composition of such a cosmetic should also contain lactic acid so that the natural protective flora of the vagina can be restored. It should be washed twice a day, and during menstruation - as many times as needed. It is not recommended to sit in the water with bath lotions and salts, because in this way natural bacteria are washed out. The use of washers and sponges is also not recommended - they are a habitat of fungi. When taking birth control pills and after antibiotic therapy, it is recommended to use vaginal tablets with lactic acid. Sanitary pads and tampons should be changed frequently during menstruation, women who often develop intimate infections should not use tampons.

Men's intimate hygiene - the most important principles

Intimate hygiene lotions are also available in a men's version. In this case, it is also important to remember not to use sponges and washers, as in the case of women - it is a breeding ground for bacteria that will hurt more than hygiene will help. Do not use ordinary soaps, because their fragrances and chemical composition may irritate. To avoid unpleasant experiences, it is imperative to give up tight underwear. Its use can lead to chafing and burns.

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