Schwarzkopf Taft Hairspray

Taft is a leading brand in the styling market in Europe, offering products that ensure perfect hold in all conditions. Thanks to Taft varnishes, you will create your dream style and fix your hairstyle from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Taft, introduced in 1955, is the first lacquer in the European market.

Now 60 years on, the brand is still synonymous with perfect hair hold all day and in all weathers.

Taft is a true classic in the hair styling market, but it does not mean a lack of innovation and development. Taft is constantly changing to meet the needs of its consumers and consumers.

Each type of Taft varnish has different properties. There are varnishes that:

- they make the hair fluffy and soft
- they fix the hairstyle very strongly
- they add elasticity to the hair
- make the hair shine beautifully

Taft has been developed to meet your expectations. As a market leader, thanks to innovative products, the Taft brand has a huge impact on current trends in hair styling.

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