Schwarzkopf Palette Hair Dyes

Over 40 years of experience in coloring and presence in 45 countries around the world makes Palette a competent expert in hair coloring for you. Over the years, we have made every effort to meet the expectations of consumers.


Regardless of whether you want to permanently change the color to a new and fascinating, hide gray hair or simply change your image, Palette offers a wide range of products to meet your individual needs.

Dye and condition your hair like a stylist

Several decades of experience in the field of coloring speaks for itself - this paint will not harm your hair, on the contrary - it will give it a healthy shine and beautiful shade. In addition to changing or deepening the color, you can count on care effects visible to the naked eye.

Palette paints will give your hair a pearly shine, pleasant to the touch softness and a healthy look. You will also notice that after coloring the strands are easier to comb and finally they do not cause problems during styling.

Remember - your hair will only dazzle with healthy shine after coloring if you use a paint prepared by professionals!

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