Nivea Bambino

When the delicacy of the olive, which we have known for years, meets the love we give to our loved ones, something special arises - a true tenderness that we give and receive with all our senses. And it can be released by just one drop of Bambino ...

Bambino- A delicacy for generations!

Bambino is a Polish brand that has been guarding the skin care of children and babies for over 60 years. Mild products effectively protect the sensitive skin of toddlers, ensure its proper hydration and leave it soft and smooth.

For the sake of the most delicate skin of babies, we nurture tenderness with Bambino cosmetics from the very first moments in the world.

Our bath cosmetics effectively cleanse, and creams, olive and milk gently care for the baby's skin. We make sure that the formula is friendly to the delicate, thin skin of toddlers, thanks to which each care ritual will run smoothly and comfortably.

All Bambino cosmetics for babies received a positive opinion from the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital - Research Institute, and can be used from the first day of life.

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