Nivea Bambino Family

BAMBINO FAMILY cosmetics designed for all family members: parents and children. In each product from the BAMBINO FAMILY line there is a drop of tenderness - the legendary Bambino olive. Because tenderness in the family is essential.


Cosmetics from the Bambino Family line are hyper-delicate, which means that they will take care of even the most sensitive skin. All products contain natural oil and panthenol.


Each of the Bambino Family cosmetics contains an additional super ingredient: moisturizing and soothing panthenol, ensuring the appropriate pH of intimate areas, lactic acid or oily castor oil. All this to take even more tender care of the skin of all members of your family.

BAMBINO FAMILY cosmetics have undergone detailed dermatological and ophthalmological tests, and the intimate hygiene product has also undergone gynecological tests.

Cosmetics from the BAMBINO FAMILY series are full of family tenderness. Therefore, we also want to encourage you all to show yourself affection, because we all need it!

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