Lirene Oxy In Aqua

Oxygen is an element of life, extremely important for the proper condition of our skin. Pollution, smog and the rush of life mean that the skin's oxygenation level is insufficient. This problem inspired the Lirene team to create the OXY In AQUA series

Cosmetics that guarantee hydro-oxygenation, lipid protection and relief for sensitive skin.

OXY IN AQUA is an intensely moisturizing and oxygenating line of products inspired by the oxygen infusion treatment.

Oxygen infusion is a modern treatment that causes immediate nourishment and regeneration, which involves introducing active substances into the skin with the use of hyperbaric oxygen technology. Oxygenation of cells is crucial in their proper functioning, transporting nutrients and removing impurities. The cream's innovative Oxygenating Complex, rich in 15 amino acids, detoxifies and tones the skin.

As a result, the skin is properly oxygenated and nourished, regains its youthful glow and radiant appearance.

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