Lirene Natura

Lirene Natura

"Lirene Natura, a brand that has decided to meet the expectations of consumers and focused on natural ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging and innovations inspired by what is the best in nature!"

Lirene Natura is a line of face and body care cosmetics that creates a range of products based on organic ingredients and of natural origin.

Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular and we are more and more willing to make informed choices about our care. Certified ingredients used in such cosmetics guarantee not only safe use, but most of all effectiveness.

What distinguishes Lirene Natura cosmetics?

Ingredients and products certified by Ecocert
From 95 to 100% natural ingredients
Plantsomy certified plant extracts from organic crops
Environmentally friendly packaging
Cellophane-free packaging
Cruelty-free products - none of the cosmetics have been tested on animals.

So take what's best from nature!


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