Moisturizing jelly body mist

The mist will make the body delight with its glow. Light texture ensures rapid absorption. After use, the skin is velvety and delicate. The mist cares for the skin. It is smoother, more flexible and soft.

Lirene Gel body mist gives a pleasant-looking effect to the skin.

If you don't paint every day and you like shines in company, this is the product for you. The mist has a gel consistency and you lightly pat it into the skin, moisturizing and the flash effect is immediately visible. The combination of gel and water is ideal for people who do not like the effect of wet skin, after the usual mist. Lirene gel mist gently atomizes droplets on the skin, with flecks of flash. It absorbs quickly, leaving behind these wonderful particles that glisten beautifully in the sun.
The mist gives a perfect feeling of hydration, especially on very warm days, does not give the skin a feeling of tense, but refreshes and refreshes.

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