Joanna Botanicals for home SPA Body care

Joanna Botanicals for home SPA Body care

The Botanical Spa in your home is a new offer of the Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory. Plant cosmetics are a very good direction in the daily care of tired skin that is exposed to negative external factors.

Plant-based cosmetics for your skin!

Botanicals for Home Spa is a series of products for comprehensive body care with selected plant extracts that have a beneficial effect on the skin.

The series consists of three fragrance lines, each with a different active ingredient: black rose, oat milk and hemp. Each line provides comprehensive body care, offering: shower gel, peeling, lotion and hand cream.

Lovers of natural care will certainly not miss the impression that more and more Polish, but above all foreign cosmetic companies, reach for centuries-old recipes, the essence of which comes from nature.

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