Radical Nail Architect, conditioner, harder, reconstruction.

Radical Nail Architect, conditioner, harder, reconstruction.

RADICAL is a professional nail care, strengthening and protection product, devoid of formaldehyde and toluene. Effective active ingredients, very good, concentrated recipes with effects from the first use.

Concentrated nail reconstructor is a regenerating and smoothing treatment that radically strengthens nails, effectively regenerates and rebuilds the structure of the nail plate, restores its healthy shade and protects against discoloration. nails, providing them with maximum regeneration, optically brightens their color and restores their natural, healthy shade.

Express nail conditioner 8in1 is a unique formula that combines the strength of horsetail and keratin with the active Strong Naail complex, provides as many as 8 spectacular effects: effectively strengthens, moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes nails, regenerates and protects, improves their color and gives shine. Horsetail - a natural plant ingredient with a high silicon content, protects the nail plate against splitting and brittleness, and visibly strengthens the nails.

Active nail hardener, this hardening and polishing treatment radically strengthens and hardens nails, shines, protects against damage and extends the durability of the manicure Unique formula combining the strength of horsetail and diamond with a multifunctional Power Gloss complex effectively protects nails against breaking, cracking and splitting and protects against damage mechanical, giving them a beautiful, healthy look and shine.


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