Delia Cameleo Hair Dyes

Are you looking for a way to cover your gray hair or revive your hair color without spending a fortune on a hairdresser? If you want to save money and time without waiting for a spare date, try Delia Cameleo hair dyes - It's the perfect way to change!

Do you want your hair to look luxurious every day? With this in mind, we have created unique Cameleo paints for you!

The dyes ensure the intense penetration of the color into the hair and the MAXIMUM effect. All this is due to the unique composition of pigments that provide intense and multidimensional color. They are more resistant to rinsing, so you can enjoy your favorite color longer.

Effective protection of your hair during coloring!

Regardless of your complexion, current trends or an idea for a bold styling - we probably have all the colors you need. From ash blondes, through mahogany, copper and plum shades to warm chocolate and blacks.

Yes, we also have everything you can find on trend-setting heads: metallic blondes, cool shades of brown and copper shades of black.

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