Bielenda Vegan Muesli

VEGAN MUESLI is the perfect "snack" for your skin. We made sure to give your skin the essence of plant good flowing from carefully selected active ingredients. Subline for face care.

More and more consumers - especially young ones - are looking for vegan recipes today. It is related to their views and lifestyle. The Vegan Muesli line was created in response to these needs!

The new cereal and milk line for face care. It was created in accordance with the veg trend, in a completely new version of only plant active ingredients. The line's recipes are rich in organic grains, coconut milk and rice milk. The line is intended for year-round care and protection of all skin types.

The Bielenda Vegan Muesli line has been closed in various formulas of face care products. Their composition includes, among others, wheat germ oil, oat extract (ingredients from organic farming), linseed, coconut milk and rice milk.

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