Bielenda Vanity

After many weeks of rain, the beautiful weather finally started to pamper us. And with her come dresses and swimwear. Each of us cares about a smooth body, especially during this period. To enjoy the summer to the fullest, try Vanity cosmetics!

Reach for Vanity - effective and gentle hair removal products for the whole body, enriched with natural extracts of aloe, chamomile, acacia honey, chestnut and olive leaf concentrate.

Cosmetics: - quickly remove unnecessary hair - smooth and moisturize the skin - soothe and prevent irritation.
They leave the skin smooth and soft to the touch, and remove hair thoroughly. These are cosmetics intended for body hair removal.

The Bielenda Vanity product range also includes a group of cosmetics - Bielenda Vanity Golden Oils. These are other depilatory creams and post-epilation cosmetics that provide the skin with proper care, hydration and softness.

The Bielenda Vanity Soft Expert product group has been created for exceptionally delicate skin and for depilation of sensitive areas.

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