Bielenda Skin Loving

Bielenda Skin Loving

Bielenda body oils are a response to the growing popularity of the use of oils in body care. The interest in oil body care is not surprising as it has many advantages. It is very simple, pleasant and multifunctional treatments.

Bielenda Skin Loving Oil - beneficial effects of natural oils

The change in purchasing awareness made us look for products with a good composition, in which we can find natural plant extracts, oils, clays and macerates.

We also want our body and face care products to be free of unnecessary preservatives, artificial dyes, parabens and silicones. These are the body oils from the Skin Loving Oil series, which will enrich your body care with valuable moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating ingredients. They have a light texture, they are quickly absorbed without staining clothes. They protect the skin from drying out, smooth it, ensuring softness and elasticity.

After applying the oils, the skin is smooth, deeply moisturized and subtly lubricated.

Oil care will improve the hydration and nourishment of the epidermis. It firms the skin, heals skin lesions, helps to even out the structure, reducing cellulite.

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