Bielenda Kuracja Młodości

YOUTH TREATMENT is an innovative line of cosmetics based on snail mucus extract and 24-carat gold. An anti-wrinkle treatment designed especially for demanding mature skin.

Extremely effective formulas are based on an absolute cosmetic discovery of recent years: SNAIL SLIM EXTRACT, which provides deep reconstruction, repair and regeneration of the skin.

The additional content of 24-carat GOLD and other valued active substances guarantee deep hydration and constitute an extremely advanced system that slows down the aging process of the skin.

Snails have a remarkable ability to "self-heal" or rebuild their own body, which is why SNAIL MUCK EXTRACT is so effective: it rebuilds, repairs and properly moisturizes the skin, lightens discoloration.

The Youth Treatment lifts, smoothes and tightens mature skin !!!

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