Bielenda Fresh Juice

Face cleansing and water line with bioactive citrus water and juices from the line for various complexions.

Proper and regular skin cleansing is the source of its beautiful and young appearance for many years. Cleansing and moisturizing is a harmonious duo, which is a guarantee of keeping the skin in good condition. It is worth remembering this every day and treating your skin - after all, our largest organ - with love, using good cosmetics.

Bielenda again pleasantly surprised us by introducing a series of Fresh Juice cosmetics, refined both in terms of active ingredients and design. The series consists of three lines of cosmetics: moisturizing, detoxifying and brightening, the key ingredient of which is bioactive citrus water.

Who are these preparations recommended for?

  • the highlighting line with pineapple juice and lactobionic acid is intended for dull skin,
  • moisturizing line with orange juice and hyaluronic acid for normal, dry and sensitive skin,
  • detoxifying line with lime juice and salicylic acid for combination, oily and sensitive skin


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