Bielenda ANX Silver Podo Expert

We bathe and brush our teeth every day. We use various cosmetics for this purpose. Just as each of these things is our ritual, the feet should be on our beauty schedule. For that to happen, we don't have to visit a beauty salon!

BIELENDA ANX SILVER PODO EXPERT has created a line of cosmetics that cares for your feet. It takes care of the skin prone to cracking due to excessive dryness of the epidermis, improper diet, wearing the wrong footwear or everyday hygiene negligence. The formula of the products has been enriched with antibacterial TEA TREE OIL and NANO-SILVER in the form of extremely effective nanoparticles.

Cosmetics visibly improves the condition of the skin. With each application, the skin regains its smoothness, softness and aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to such a wide variety of this series, everyone will find a cosmetic tailored to their needs. Take care of your feet yourself - without leaving your home and enjoy their beautiful appearance all year round!

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