Bielenda Anti- Cellulite

It bears the affectionate name of "orange peel", although it has nothing to do with being cute. The unsightly thickenings and unevenness visible under the skin are the ominous cellulite. This is the skin defect most hated by women

The formula of the products makes the cosmetics quickly absorbed, moisturizes and restores the skin's elasticity. They ensure smoothing and firming the epidermis.

The active ingredients included in the production of the Anti-Cellulite series are substances that show a number of functions supporting the fight even against advanced cellulite. The most important of them are: reducing the visibility of cellulite, preventing skin sagging, antioxidant effect, support in the reconstruction of the hydrolipid epidermis.

Wipe your tears !!! With the Anti-Cellulite rope from Bielenda, the "orange peel" will be just a memory and you will enjoy your firm and shapely body!

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