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The gel with a skylight is intended for the care of puffy skin around the eyes. It has a soothing effect like a herbal eye compress, soothes the symptoms of skin fatigue around the eyes, reduces redness and a tendency to tear
A special composition of vegan ingredients perfectly moisturizes and tightens the skin, while minimizing the visibility of shadows under the eyes, signs of fatigue and stress.
The rejuvenating eye and eyelid cream is recommended for women over 40. Intensively moisturizes, firms, smoothes wrinkles and tightens the skin.
The cream is suitable for skin with signs of aging that requires regeneration. The snail mucus extract contained in the product has strong regenerating properties.
The cream smoothes wrinkles from the inside, supports the renewal of collagen fibers, strengthens and moisturizes the skin under the eyes.
The product is perfect for people struggling with dark circles under the eyes, as well as puffiness and loss of skin firmness. Perfectly illuminates the skin.
Maximally smoothes wrinkles, tightens and intensely moisturizes. Reduces dark circles under the eyes, effectively protects the skin against rapid aging.
Olive, very nourishing eye and eyelid cream. Enriched with vitamin E and provitamin B5 as well as base substances with a regenerating effect.
A light, fragrance-free cream. It brightens dark circles under the eyes and significantly reduces their visibility. Moisturizes, tones and slightly tightens the epidermis.
A gentle, fragrance-free cream that intensely moisturizes and effectively soothes irritations. Eliminates fine wrinkles and prevents their formation.
Ziaja YEGO SENSITIV smoothing eye cream is a product designed for men aged 17+ to care for and reduce skin wrinkles around the eyes.
Showingof 11 item(s)